Just started learning bass, tell me everything I need to know to play awesome songs like yours? Tune? Notes? Effects? Everything!

- Asked by Anonymous

Learn rancid songs

I got vip to see you guys with twy tssf and modern baseball october 19. Will I be able to meet you? Im a huge fan. I know we get to meet twy but they never said if we got to meet anyone else

- Asked by Anonymous

We will be selling our merch every night of this tour.

Would you happen to know if you guys will ever be coming back to florida after Fest13?

- Asked by Anonymous

We hope so!

Any bands you'd consider listening to like in the punk rock genre ?? (Btw I have ur new album on repeat in my earphones every day to school, please keep making music like this forever)

- Asked by 4eign2

Hot water music - caution

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