That would be pretty cool if you did stage dive, 100% think you should do it

- Asked by Anonymous

Hahaha, I’m pretty sure it’s about 30ft from stage to crowd, so it’s more like a stage fly

Favourite song to play live?

- Asked by Anonymous

At the moment it’s ‘Hate Me’. You’ll be hearing it soon ;)

pumped to see you guys at reading fest, enjoyed last years show so much. Was first person to get there. Bet band I saw the whole weekend, hope I can say that this year. Cheers for making rad tunes

- Asked by Anonymous

I hope you can say it again too. I’m gonna try and stage dive but I think I might need a hang glider :P

I had literally never heard of you guys until i was looking at the tramlines lineup for last year and my friend was like 'these guys sound like the worst piece of skater trash. we gotta go see them omg' and now it's a year later and i fucking love you guys holy shit

- Asked by Anonymous

YEAHHHH!! I’m glad our name reflects our band hahaha

Dear Gnarwolves, Where do you get off? Good music and good looks? Who do you think you are? By now, you may have guessed I'm speaking ironically and have nothing but good things to say about what you do. Gnarwolves, do not change a thing. Signed Muffins. Dictated but not read.

- Asked by muffinsaretastie

You my friend are very funny :)

Love the new track, can't wait for the album. What are your guys' favourite NOFX album?

- Asked by Anonymous

That’s far too difficult a question.

I can tell you that our collective Karaoke track is definitely Linoleum though.

The first NOFX album I bought was Pump Up The Valuum, so I have a bit go a soft spot for that one.

Edinburgh CRV miss you

- Asked by Anonymous

We’ve only played Endinburgh twice. Once was sold out with TSSF and the other time was a year before and 6 people turned up. It’s an absolutely beautiful city and we’ll definitely come back one day!

Just ordered one of those snazzy Gorilla hoodies. Really digging the new single, I was just wondering when it would be available to download ?

- Asked by reathrax

Probably gonna be available at the same time as preorders :)

When will the new album drop? :) Cheers from norway

- Asked by Anonymous

September! Cheers from England!!

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