Just made my own Gnarwolves shirt (in true punk fashion), to wear to leopallooza next week. So excited to finally see you live.

- Asked by cool-cat-blog

I’m excited to see you’re home made tee!

How many Crass patches do you guys have?

- Asked by Anonymous

I have had my bones coated in crass patches in a similar fashion to Wolverine’s adamantium shell.

Do they owe us a living? COURSE THEY FUCKING DO!

What do you consider a rip off price for your merch?

- Asked by Anonymous

What do you consider a rip off price?

We think it’s pretty important to keep our merch at a fair price :)

Whos the support for the bideford show? Cant find the info anywhere haha

- Asked by Anonymous

Pretend Happy and Hindsights. Only 5 tickets left!

where did max get that PUNCH hoodie from? its dope

- Asked by Anonymous

I think he got it from Charlie!

Gnarwolves QA on Monday at 7pm! 28/07 ]

At 7pm tonight we’re doing a Q&A thing on this website. Come and ask us if we’d rather watch Ben or The Rev eat peanuts…

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