Favourite skate brand? Besides the baker team or shake junt?

- Asked by Anonymous

Polar, Lovenskate, blood wizard, creature & loads more

How do we pronounce your band name? bahd. - Canada

- Asked by Anonymous

Gnar (like the word gnarly)
wolves (like the animals- wolves)

Alternatively you could pronounced the G, changed the V to an F or remove the S all together. Really don’t matter that much.

Karwolf 2014 Cru!

Couldn't be any happier to see you guys are at Reading, and on the main stage! Will the album be out by then? Will be seeing you at Slam Dunk too!

- Asked by petescrimshaw

Awesome, see you there! Yeah, we’re planning on getting new music out before Reading :)

Hoping this line up for R&L Mike Duce leaked is real, seeing you guys three times in just over a year? I'm cool with that!

- Asked by itsjusta-ssparkk

It’s well real

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