Hey Thom, how old have you been when you started playing guitar? Just thinking about starting right now. I've been at the concert in Vienna, headbanging in the 1st row.

- Asked by Anonymous

I was 6 when I first started playing. Fell in love with it pretty much straight away and rarely go more than a couple of days without playing. You were in Vienna? That was a super fun show!! 

Good luck with your new instrument!

Who are ya favourite hardcore bands?

- Asked by Anonymous

Rival mob, NA, Inside out, dead swans, Lewd Acts, Public Domain, Nails, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Right Brigade, The Flex, Noose. Most of the revelation bands, most deathwish bands, most b9 bands. 

That new BANE records pretty cool.

Loads of favourites between us really. 

Would you eat a maryland cookie that you know had been on the floor for at least a day?

- Asked by Anonymous

Probably chuck it

You guys should film more skating, the smoking kills video is sick. Albums ace btw

- Asked by Anonymous

We have lots more skate footage coming :)

Is the gainsville festival fest 18+ and is it at a big field or multiple venues because I'm confused on that

- Asked by Anonymous

It’s multiple venues. Worth checking the website for age restrictions

Were there any plans on having guest vocals on the album at any point? If so, who would it have been?

- Asked by Anonymous

Iona from Great Cynics sings in “Eat Dynamite, Kid”

Will you be playing a lot of new stuff on the December tour? That would be nice x

- Asked by rum-h4m

That’s the plan! Bit of everything :)

Might be a dumb question but are you guys playing all three days of Fest 13

- Asked by tattooedskeletons

No, just the Sunday. All the stage times are up online, it’s gonna be really fun :)

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