Wanna let you boys know you fucking killed it at reading, stoked for the new album now! Hopefully see you on a UK tour soon as well.

- Asked by hei-sen-berg

Cheers Micheal. I really like Superbad and also the one where you smoke cigarettes and pretend to be french :)

Just preordered the album. Beyond stoked. I might travel from mid Texas to Oklahoma just to see you guys on your first US tour!

- Asked by animeeyebrows

No way! I have no idea how far that is, but I imagine it’s not a short trip. Hope to see you in October then bey!

I think you guys should come and play Birmingham again ;)

- Asked by Anonymous

So do we!

What amps and pedals do you use live?

- Asked by Anonymous

Guitar- Marshall Lead Mosfet 100, a tuner and a Big Muff

Bass- Orange Bass Terror, a tuner and an MXR Bass D.I+

Easy peasy

I'm so happy you're going to be in gainsville in time for my birthday u guys rock my socks

- Asked by tattooedskeletons

The Fest is the best!

when ya can, get back to me on that tour date mate!

- Asked by Anonymous

I don’t know who you areeeeee

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