Do you know when you will be playing a gig in Cornwall lands? Me and my mates really wanna see you live literally just to hear Melody's got big plans - been our skate tune for ages. Hahaha cheers

- Asked by cattro

We’re gonna be at leopallooza festival. It’s right near Charlie’s home town!

Check out the action plan at hit the deck if you get a chance! They're opening for Brand New, and from my shitty little hometown but make bangerz!!

- Asked by laurennjanne

Cool, will check em out

Do you have any footage form the Cardiff show at the Undertone?

- Asked by Anonymous

Nah man!

Stagedives at hit the deck would be sick but security is a bitch. Still gonna be fun times though

- Asked by jwayte

Yeah, stage diving is a bit difficult. People were getting their wrist bands cut off last year so be careful!

Dudes you won't regret watching The Computers, one of the best live bands I've ever seen!!

- Asked by thedodgsonblog

Seen em a bunch man, they’re from pretty close to where we’re from. Put them on in Penzance once upon a time with the always wonderful Jak Stringer actually :)

What bands are you looking forward to at hit the deck bristol?

- Asked by Anonymous

Brand new, Front Bottoms, Nai Harvest, Sea Haven, Bastions. Also looking forward to seeing Gnarwhals, intriguing band name haha

Where are Public Domain from?

- Asked by Anonymous

Vienna :)

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