what skateboards do you guys regularly use (brand wise) ???

- Asked by Anonymous

Heroin, drawing boards, memorial.

Are you guys going to restock your beanies because i lost mine (heartbreaking) and winter is coming :(

- Asked by Anonymous

It is! Good idea!

Trying to get tickets for your Camden show at underworld on December the 5th but all the websites are coming up with an error. Is the gig still on or has it been cancelled?

- Asked by Anonymous

Hasn’t been cancelled

What do you think about Spotify? I've noticed your tunes are proper fucked on there, it says all of your releases are from 2014 haha

- Asked by Anonymous

I reckon it’s a pretty innovative platform for listening to music. Not perfected yet, and they need to work out how to pay everyone fairly, but it’s a start! I love the way it recommends artists based on what you listen to. Found out about tons of bands that way.

That being said, buying a physical record will always be the best way to support a band and help them to continue create records.

do a gig in reading please, you guys were sick at reading fest

- Asked by Anonymous

Is face bar still a place?

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