Kids Insane to Tour the UK


Israeli hardcore punks Kids Insane will be playing a few shows in the UK next month as part of their European tour.

You can see the band at the following dates:

31st Epic Studios, Norwich w/ Expire
1st Lughole, Sheffield w/ Dry Heaves
2nd Essex Fest, Southend-on-Sea
3rd The Old Blue Last, London (Free Show) w/ Let’s Talk Daggers, Black Shapes

Gnarwolves - Smoking Kills ]

So, we put up a video for a track from our debut album up exactly a week ago now and it’s been watched well over 10000 times already! The response to the tune has been awesome, we’ve all been nervous about putting out new material for a while, but are really proud of the record we’ve made and can’t wait to show you more and more over the coming months! Anyways, if you ain’t checked it yet, here’s the video for our “anti-smoking” anthem, ‘Smoking Kills’. Gnarwolves CRU, Fuck you. Peace x

You should defo play rebellion festival if you ever get the chance!

- Asked by Anonymous

Would love to! Went to rebellion fest as a teenager with a mohawk and it was great!

Have you ever had any moments in particular where you've been like "oh shit, this band is really going somewhere"? Y'know, being in awe of what you've accomplished so far, that kinda thing

- Asked by Anonymous

I think that being in a band is kind of like riding a wave. It’s the greatest ride, but you never know when you’re going to get smashed into the sand. 

So, because you’re always in the crest of the wave you don’t get time to really think about how you got there! I’m looking forward to being an old bloke, looking back and thinking “wow, that was an incredible experience”.

That being said, some shows we play absolutely blow our minds. My ambition as a kid was to one day play a show in a town far from home that was full. Everything on top of that is an incredible bonus!

Smoking kills is so rad! Shit will hit the fan next time you play Brighton!

- Asked by doug-elliott

Cheers for the heads up. We’ll make sure we ban both fans and shitting in the crowd for our next show.

Unless you want to see fan shitting?

I was stoked to see that you guys reblogged my edit :) you're awesome

- Asked by smokeuhhjay

Awesome edit! Wish I could use photoshop!

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